Tuesday, 18 May 2010

About ADAP

We started in April 2008 as a group of about 5 people wanting to start a project to help the animals in Portimão. There were almost no one helping them in this area and none association working close with stray animals and the dogs in the city kennel, managed by the Câmara Municipal wich means if they are not promoted and rehomed, for sure will be put asleep.

In August the same year we formed a legal association with all the advantages that this carries with it, including being able to recruit members and being mor known by Portimão citizens and visitors.

We do not have our own centre for housing dogs or cats so we have them at our homes and on temporary accommodation called FATs (abreviation in portuguese, means animal foster home), familys that accept one or more animals with them till adoption. We also have dogs on other places like dog hotels/boarding kennels. In this case we have (and need more) sponsors/godparentes to help pay the monthly fee, cause is very difficult for us without any support to keep going rescuing more animals.

We love what we do but without the ongoing support of everyone it is very difficult to combine this passion with family and professional life not to mention all the costs that caring for these animals bring. For this reason we are asking for your help and support.

For more information you can have a look on
Sorry, but it's difficult to have time for everything so it's not updated frequently! Portuguese/english spoken volunteer to translate our blog in portuguese to english needed!

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