How to help?

Please give us a donation. In this way we can continue to help animals in need of help. Lots of money is needed for veterinary assistance, medication etc. And we cannot do this alone.

Please use the NIB code as well as the following account number:
NIB : 0033 0000 45362523749 05 (Millenium BCP)
Account number: 45362523749
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 45362523749 05

If you prefer you can donate personally and contact us by phone, email or at the above mentioned office. Send us the info about your donation so we can acknowledge receipt and keep you informed. If done via a bank transfer, please send a copy of the transfer and/or date and details of transfer for identification purposes.

We are always in need of the following:

- Food for dogs and cats, adult or junior, dry or tinned.
- Special powdered milk for puppies and kittens
- Spot-ons and sprays for ticks and fleas etc
- Anti-insect/mosquito collars
- Bedding
- Kennels
- Transport/sky kennels/baskets for dogs and cats
- Collars and leads
- Old blankets and rugs
- Feeding bowls.
- Cat litter and trays
- Suitable animal toys
- Suitable medicines

Become a Temporary Foster Family
This is a great service and help that we all here at ADAP are involved in.
In this way we can really save an animal-in-need’s life.
The animal, dog or cat, is then safe and secure until it can be adopted. An extremely gratifying experience.We pay your expenses if required. Send us a mail if you are interested or in doubt.