About ADAP

We started in April 2008 as a group of about 5 people wanting to start a project to help the animals in Portimão. In August the same year we formed a legal association with all the advantages that this carries with it, including being able to recruit members. We work with stray animals and those that are brought to the municipal kennel. Our primary aim is to get these animals adopted. We do not have our own centre for housing the animals so we have to put them into temporary accommodation called FATs which are families or others like dog hotels or boarding kennels. For these places of shelter we need people to adopt one of these dogs/cats to help pay for their keep. We call these people who help with a monthly donation, “padrinhos”, godparents. We love the work we do but without the ongoing support of everyone it is very difficult to combine this passion with family and professional life not to mention all the costs that caring for these animals bring. For this reason we are asking for your help and support.
Our work covers the following:
- collecting animals from the Portimão municipal kennel (they are at risk of being put down after 8 days due to current legislation)
- collecting stray street animals in risk situations
- housing, food and veterinary assistance
- sterilisation campaigns, for controlling canine and feline populations
- adoption campaigns
- donations and funding campaigns
- public awareness campaigns
- reporting lost and found animals

All the animals rescued by ADAP are housed, fed, get veterinary assistance and eventually put up for adoption.